YES Prep uniform policy is centered around the values of equity and school pride. A school uniform allows for community building and options within the uniform selection allows for student and family choice.

Tejas - YES Prep's uniform vendor

Student uniforms should be purchased through the YES Prep approved vendor website. The vendor web address is communicated during the summer prior to the start of school. Students are responsible for ordering their required uniform through this site and having a complete uniform starting the first day of school through the remainder of the school year.

 Visit Tejas Webstore

Deadline and Delivery Information

Orders received between July 1-15, will be available for pick up or delivery to your home the first week of August. Orders placed from July 15-31, will be available the week of August 15 for pick up or delivery to your home. We will not be accepting ANY returns, or exchanges until August 15 (at which time all returns and exchanges must fall within return guidelines).  

Uniform Policy

YES Prep will waive the uniform policy for students for the 2020 Fall Semester. YES Prep understands the COVID-19 pandemic has created or increased the economic challenges our families face. Students will follow the “free dress” policy as outlined in our Campus Supplement. 

Dress Code Expectations

Monday through Thursday
  • Shirts / Tops: YES Prep Gulfton uniform shirt, uniform sweater (sweatshirt), or uniform jacket as the outer layer. All shirts must be of appropriate length – shirts that are too short or too baggy will not be allowed on campus. If necessary, the students will need to purchase replacement uniform shirts online.
  • Pants / Shorts / Skirts: All pants and shorts must be appropriately sized, fitted and worn at the waist. No “hip huggers” are allowed.  All pants and shorts must be fitted in the crotch and legs, not excessively baggy or tight.  All pants and shorts must be free of slits, tears or holes. All pants and shorts must be one continuous solid color (khaki or navy) and non-denim material. Denim material is allowed as uniform bottoms. All shorts and skirts must be the appropriate length. Sweatpants and workout pants, etc. are not to be worn on campus. Pants are not allowed to be rolled.
  • Shoes: Open-toed shoes, slippers, slides, or sandals are not to be worn on campus. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • IDs: Must be visible and worn at all times. Pictures on IDs may not be covered or altered in any way. If a student does not have an ID or the ID is not usable, students must obtain a replacement at their own expense.
  • Hats: Hats, caps, and head coverings of any kind are not to be worn inside any YES Prep Public Schools buildings, this also includes hoods. Bandanas, and do-rags are not permitted on campus.  *Religious head coverings may be worn.
  • Shirts / Tops: Students may wear any YES Prep Public Schools shirts (i.e. P.E. shirt, school-created spring trip shirt, etc.). In addition, students may wear T-shirts, sweaters, jackets etc. from colleges and universities as the outer layer. Shirt must be appropriately sized to fit the individual.
  • Pants / Shorts / Skirts: Expectations are the same as Monday through Friday dress code.
  • Shoes, socks, IDs and Hat expectations are the same as Monday through Friday dress code.

Financial Hardships 

Students with a financial hardship can reach out to their campus Student Support Counselor for assistance with the purchase of uniforms. Assistance will be determined based on need.  


For exchanges, returned merchandise can be brought to campus front office or directly to the vendor. In both cases, the vendor is responsible for supplying uniforms in the exchange.