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School-Sponsored Transportation

Students are expected to arrange for their own transportation, unless provided for by the school via a bus or YES Prep rented vehicle.  

Students are encouraged to appreciate and take full advantage of the free transportation provided by YES Prep Public Schools. For the list of Bus Routes, click here. Free transportation at YES Prep is a privilege and not a right. It is important for all bus riders to accept and acknowledge that this privilege will only be continued if their behavior on the school bus is reasonable and safe. Students who choose to engage in unacceptable behaviors on a school bus create a risk for themselves as well as other students, the bus driver, the motoring public, and pedestrians.  

Students should be aware that all the rules contained in the Student Handbook are applicable to their conduct while riding school-provided transportation. When the term “on school property” is used in the Code of Conduct it includes school transportation. Any violation of the expectations may result in disciplinary action as well as loss of the privilege of being able to use the school bus.  

Carpool and Driving to School  

Any legal guardian dropping or picking up a student must adhere to all YES Prep Gulfton traffic guidelines  

Traffic Procedures

Maintaining orderly traffic patterns ensures that all students get to school safely and on time and minimizes parental time spent waiting.  The following rules are in effect from 7:15 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

  • ALWAYS enter through the De Moss Entrance gate.

  • Do NOT enter through the Exit gate. It is never to be used as an entrance way and is for exit only. 

  • Do NOT drop off or pick up students in the middle of the street.  This is dangerous for your student, and it makes students behind you late because you are blocking the entrance to the school. Alternatives if you are running late include dropping or picking up on the near side of De Moss and allowing students to walk the sidewalk.

  • Form a single lane as you enter the parking lot and do not allow your student out of, or into, your vehicle until you are in front of the building.  This allows more cars to enter the parking lot and traffic to flow and clear traffic.


The traffic policy is crucial to ensuring student safety and minimizes wait time for all motorists.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the police being called for assistance. Any traffic violations are subject to police investigation. The individual responsible for any damage caused to school property or other vehicles on campus property will be responsible for their actions.  

Student Drivers

Any student driving to school must adhere to all campus traffic guidelines and be cleared by campus administration to be able to park on campus. To be cleared, the student must have written permission (in the form of a pass, permit, or letter) by the Front Office to park on campus. To obtain clearance to park on campus the student must bring the following: valid Texas driver’s license, valid vehicle registration, and proof of valid vehicle insurance accepted in Texas.  

Student drivers must adhere to traffic guidelines and be cleared by campus administration to be able to park on campus. To be cleared, the student must have written permission in the form of a pass to park on campus. To obtain clearance to park on campus, the student must bring the following items:

  • valid driver’s license under their name

  • vehicle registration

  • proof of insurance under their name for the vehicle they are driving

Students will be required to have a visible parking pass at all times and must park in designated student parking spot. Student drivers who have been approved may park in student parking spaces in the front of the building.  Campus administration reserves the right to revoke a student’s permission to park on campus if the student’s driving is deemed unsafe or if parking spaces become too limited to allow for student parking. If student does not have a parking pass from the front office, the car may be towed.

Campuses are limited in the amount of space available to allow student drivers to park in campus parking lots. Students who provide required documentation to park on campus will only be granted a parking spot and/or permit if space is available and if they meet all other requirements as outlined by the campus. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.  

Students that do not adhere to campus driving policies will be subject to disciplinary actions such as but not limited to losing their driving privileges.